Dear Older Women {31 Days of Letters}

Dear Older Women,

It may be out of your comfort zone to strike up a conversation with someone 20 years younger than you, but it may be one of the most (mutually) rewarding things you can do.  Reaching out to the next generation produces fruit well beyond a neighborhood walk or a coffee date.

You probably don’t realize the gifts you have to offer and how much us younger women need what you have to give.  We need your encouragement, support, and Godly counsel.  We need to hear about your triumphs and failures, your joys and sorrows.

You have the opportunity to pour into others what God has poured into you.  We may seem unapproachable or disinterested sometimes, but keep hounding us.  Once we experience the benefits of consistent accountability, wisdom, and friendship from an older woman, you won’t be able to keep us away.

Please come alongside us, disciple us, help us become women after God’s own heart.  Encourage us to love our husbands and children.  Challenge us to serve selflessly.  Stir up in us a passion for prayer and studying Scripture.  Model what it means to live a pure and set-apart life for Christ.

There is an eternal return on your investment.  You plant Godly seeds in us that will be sown in our relationships with others.  Good fruit will be passed on to our family, friends, and coworkers.  Your investment trickles down to the next generation as we follow your lead and begin pouring into the young women we encounter.

You have an important role to play in the spiritual formation of younger women.  We are eager to let you become an active part of our lives.  Please do.



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8 thoughts on “Dear Older Women {31 Days of Letters}

  1. This is a great post! I often think about what if us younger gals had a mentor. How different would our world look? And what an encouragement we’d both have by having someone to talk to on a regular basis.

    1. I think about that every time I chat with a Christian woman older than me. I always come away blessed and encouraged. A mentor is definitely worth seeking out.

  2. Dear Emily,
    As a younger woman, I was blessed by a few women here and there who did come along beside me at times, mentoring, discipling, encouraging, and modeling what my young heart was seeking to become. At this point in my life I am the older woman and I love how God brings younger women into my life for a moment, a season, or much longer. I am blessed, richer and fuller, because of my friendships with younger women, and I love that God uses my experiences, and my faith and dependence on him, to help others grow in their walk while strengthening my own walk with him.

    Following you through your journey now, Emily. How lovely to see the heart of a young woman poured out for the Lord!

    1. Patti – It is so wonderful to hear from a woman who is modeling what Titus talks about in his letter. I love that God always has a role for us to play not matter what season of life we are in. Be encouraged that those friendships with younger women are making a difference. Thank you for pouring yourself into others!

  3. I cannot tell you how many younger women have told me this over the years. I long for someone older to come alongside since my own mama is 17 hours away. It’s SO important!

    1. It is so important – especially when seasons change and circumstances are different. I, too, am far from my mom. It means a lot to have older women come alongside in her stead. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Mel!

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