Dear Legs {31 Days of Letters}

Dear Legs,

You have served me well the past 25 years.  From the time you were covered in rolls of baby fat, to the years you were constantly bruised and scraped from pep flag practice, you have proven your resilience.

Now, all of your combined six-feet of length must not fail me today.  I know you aren’t rippling with muscles or as toned as you could be, but I’ve put you through enough training that this race you are about to run shouldn’t phase you.

I’m not unrealistic – a 10K will stretch your running capacity.  You’ve never run that far before.  Fear not – I have faith in you.  I am optimistic that after a mile or two, you will hit your stride.  You might even enjoy the whole event.

I appreciate all that you have done thus far.  I don’t always treat you well.  I should stretch more often.  Really, stretching at all would be good…

Please hold out until 10 o’clock this morning.  Then, we can celebrate together.  I may even give you a break.

At least for a day or two.



UPDATE: My legs did not give out and Tim and I finished the 10k!

Mountain View Park ~ Moscow, ID

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