About Emily

Hello there!

The Cliff Notes:

I’m Emily, a wife, mom, and book lover. My husband and I are Southern California natives who moved to Northern Idaho in the Fall 2012. Tim was the youth pastor at Coeur d’Alene Bible Church for 2ish years; but, after our son was born, we began to pray about moving closer to family. We moved to the Lehigh Valley (PA) in November of 2014. Tim is the HS Pastor at Faith Church and I love being his partner in marriage and in ministry. I spend my time making sure James doesn’t get into too much mischief, writing, reading, and loving Jesus!

Emily Gardner

The Extended Edition:

Becoming a Christ-follower was the best decision I ever made. I made that decision at a young age and have been on an unpredictable journey ever since. I’m thankful for Jesus’ steady and consistent love amidst the twists and turns this life has afforded me over the past 27 years.

11 May 2012: Tim and I got married at the lovely Pine Rose Cabins, just over a year after meeting at a Jim Burns’ seminar.


Tim & Emily // from Alan Larsen Films on Vimeo.

September 2012: We said goodbye to family and friends and California so Tim could take the youth pastor position at Coeur d’Alene Bible Church. This transition was not easy, but we made great friends and learned a lot about ourselves and ministry.

May 2013: Eight months after our cross-state move, we made another big move – we bought our first house. Two weeks after getting the keys, we found out I was pregnant.

Tim + Emily

January 2014: James made his debut two weeks early! We are thrilled to have this charming little man as the third member of our family. (below: our first family selfie)

Family selife

November 2014: We officially became East Coasters! After spending Thanksgiving with my family, Tim started his new position at Faith Church. It was difficult to say good bye to our friends in CDA, but we are looking forward to putting down roots and building community in our new home.

Timeless: Youth ministry may not be my primary passion, but I love encouraging and supporting Tim in that capacity. I process through writing (hence this blog) and have kept journals since I was in elementary school. Reading, baking, and crafting are a few of my favorite hobbies, so you’ll find them sprinkled about the blog as well.

You can find me writing on a couple blogs:

EmilyCGardner.com – this one right here, where I write about marriage, motherhood, ministry, and those hobbies I was talking about.

Find out more about the blog here!

Kindred Grace – a community of women who are dedicated to fellowship through words, in order to glorify God and encourage each other.


Fun Facts:

  • Tim is a triathlete and blogger at Reviving Faith.  We love the plethora of outdoor activities available in this beautiful slice of the country.
  • I enjoy running and love to do Zumba.
  • We love Disneyland! Tim proposed in the Rose Garden outside of The Disneyland Resort.
  • I have a complicated relationship with caffeine.
  • Left to my own devices, I would consume Diet Coke and Orbit gum with abandon.
  • I’ve had some fun and interesting jobs over the years, including Anthropologie (I just love that store!), Innkeeper at The Cass House, and Social Media Manager for The Donut Man.
  • One of my life’s goals is to get published in Southwest Airlines’ inflight magazineI LUV Southwest.
  • While studying abroad, I collected Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone in different languages.  I have six!


10 thoughts on “About Emily

  1. Having you in Timothy’s life and in our family is like seeing God’s gift and prayer response walking around on two legs.

  2. I am also from Northern Idaho and miss that beautiful slice of country very much. I haven’t lived there for 10 yrs since I married a military man. We are now exploring Europe together with our 2 beautiful children. Enjoy N. Idaho!!

  3. Having read your response to my post in the WCCbloggers FB group and clicking around both of your blogs a bit, I think we should be friends. :) Love your writing and am looking forward to getting to know you via your writing!

    1. I just scoured your blog and Pinterest boards. We should definitely be friends :) You’re in Washington, right?

      1. Yes ma’am! Not that you would know off the top of your head, but it’s right in my blog name – 98201. ;) Everett, WA…30 miles north of Seattle. I still haven’t gotten around to writing up the blog name’s full backstory but I will eventually I guess…

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