Dear Christmas {31 Days of Letters}

Dear Christmas,

Candles are lit and garlands are hung.  Carols are playing and goodies are plenty.

How come I still have sixty days to wait? Why can’t it be twenty?

Red noses abound because of the cold.  Rudolph lives on like in days of old.

Is it time to string lights and cut down a tree?  I’m so eager for snow to fall.

Some people aren’t eager for you to arrive.  To them I say, I’m rather appalled.

There’s so much to enjoy when you come around:

Mistletoe and laughter and mugs of cocoa!

And what about family, food, and traditions, too.

So, please hurry, Christmas.  Don’t be late.



You can find all my letters here.

For more information about the 31 Day Challenge, visit The Nester.

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