Dear Cold Weather {31 Days of Letters}

Dear Cold Weather,

Hello old friend!  I haven’t seen you since Kansas City.  I know you passed through town a few times when I was in California, but you never stayed long enough for a cup of tea.

To be honest, you kind of shocked me with your arrival.  I wasn’t expecting you so early, or maybe I was just hoping you’d be a little late.  Not that I don’t enjoy your company – I do!  I love that you usher in the Fall season.  You make the leaves turn a spectrum of beautiful auburns, rusts, and golds.   I feel like blue skies are more clear and crisp when you’re around.

However, you snuck up on me and I was mentally unprepared.  You forced me to box up my sandals, shorts, and summery dresses prematurely.  I was a little bit peeved.  In an act of rebellion, I kept out one pair of shorts and my Rainbow sandals, though I can’t bear to wear them while you are still here.  So, I have to apologize for being passive aggressive.

It’s not you.  It’s me.

In time, I think we will get along swimmingly.  I like the idea of combatting your brisk temperatures with blankets, hot cocoa, and wood-burning fires.  I can embrace scarves and boots with enthusiasm.  Eventually, my vanity will even recover from the perpetually red nose you subject me to.  On the bright side, it helps me channel my inner Rudolph, and you know how much I love Christmas.

With your arrival, I’ve been wondering…  Is it normal for you to make people want to change species?  Ever since you’ve arrived I’ve had the strongest urge to hibernate.  Your chill compels me to stay in bed longer, move slower, and eat more.  If I were the suspicious kind, I’d say you spiked the air with some sort of bear potion.

Bears, I’d like to extend my warm welcome to Northern Idaho.  I do hope you’ll stay awhile – maybe four months?



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