Well-Loved in 2013

There’s no other way to put it… 2013 was a big year. Here’s a brief 2013 wrap-up for the blog and daily life.

{The Blog}

The most views: The 5 Essential Earrings Every Girl Should Own
earrings The top five recipes: Top 5 Recipes in 2013

The most well-loved posts:

Well-loved posts

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{Daily Life}

2013 threw a lot of travel and transition our way:


  • I went to Boston, Chicago, and Orlando for work.
  • We had a weekend away in Montana (almost didn’t count this since it’s just two hours away)
  • Tim and I made two trips to California together – once to see family and once to attend The Gathering (and see family and celebrate our first anniversary).
  • I made a solo trip to California to visit friends.
  • We spent a weekend in Kansas City to attend my cousin’s wedding.
  • I visited my parents in New York twice – once for a retreat, and once with Tim for vacation.


The biggest/craziest/weirdest thing for me about 2013 was the fact that I was pregnant for the majority of the year – definitely not what I was expecting 2013 to hold!

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