What I’m Into – December 2013

Linking up with Leigh for the last What I’m Into of the year! I’ve so enjoyed sharing my favorites with you.

Our December was busy in the beginning and then rather quiet. Tim and I had a restful Christmas, just the two of us, though I must say it didn’t really feel like Christmas. Here’s some of the goodness from this month:

(This post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here.)

Good Eats

Good Things 

Incidentally, the first three are things I got for Christmas and now totally love. What’s dangerous is that I discovered they were all available on Amazon – way too easy to replenish!

good things

FarmHouse Fresh Fluffy Bunny Shea Butter Hand Cream – The scent alone, a mellow lavender and vanilla hybrid, would have had me hooked, but then the feel and the name and the packaging…

Caldrea Sea Salt Neroli Dish Soap – Fancy dish soap makes a daily chore so much more enjoyable. Being from Southern California, I particularly love the beachy, sea-air smell.

Fashionable {cleaning} Gloves – I mentioned last round of What I’m Into that I started to do the dishes with rubber gloves. Well, my classic yellow pair got a hole in the thumb and I was just about to buy another pair when I got these from my mom (paired with the lovely Caldrea dish soap). They are thick, latex-free, and have a nice soft lining. Plus, the white is trés chic. PLUS, my mom dolled them up by sewing a band of vinyl lace shelf trim to the cuff.

Gadanke journals – I adore Katie’s story-catching vision. Her journals are the perfect, manageable project.

Good Reads

I’ve been finishing up some books so I can claim them on my Read in 2013 list. I named my favorites in yesterday’s post.

9 thoughts on “What I’m Into – December 2013

  1. One thing I like about the “like” button is, I can say, “I read this and like it” without making a comment. I receive everyone else’s comments via my email, and don’t always want that.

    1. I agree, getting notifications for everyone else’s comments can get annoying. I’ve been thinking more about the like button from the receiver’s perspective, I guess…

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