A Few Good Things

Because of our vacation and getting back into the swing of things when Tim and I returned, I didn’t get to do a “What I’m Into” post (what I call Primitive Pleasures on the blog) this month. I did want to pass on a few good things from August, though. So, here they are!



{Tim and I – BG under sweatshirt – in New York)


Tim started using Pocketan application (phone, tablet, and computer) that I would characterize as Pinterest for the written word. I often find things via Twitter and the like that I want to read but don’t have time to at that exact moment. Generally, I favorite, bookmark, or email the link to peruse later. I either forget about it or clog my inbox with emails to myself. With Pocket, you can save virtually anything (not just blog posts) your run across on the internet for later. You don’t even need internet to look them over. Even better – you can collate them into categories with customizable tabs.


  • Friends from church gave us Waiting In Wonder by Catherine Claire Larson and it is just wonderful. It’s now on my mental list of things to give to all expectant mothers. Every week of your pregnancy, Catherine shares what’s going on biologically as well as emotionally and spiritually. There’s a memory verse each week and four more devotions for that corresponding week. The questions that go along with each devotional are fun and thought provoking – a great way to document your thoughts and feelings throughout a pregnancy.
  • I’m reviewing Quiet by Susan Cain for Kindred Grace’s A Peek Into Your Personality next month and am totally hooked. I won’t go into detail since I’ll be writing a whole post on the book, but whether your an introvert or extrovert, this one is worth reading.


Around where my parent’s live in New York, most people have their own version of Chicken Riggies and Utica Greens – or at least a favorite place to get them. A friend of ours found a delicious recipe for Chicken Riggies via Taste of Home which we ate while in NY and made again last night for dinner. Imagine chicken, peppers, onions, and pasta in a tomato-cream-sherry sauce that’s a bit spicy and a whole lot of good… Fair warning: this recipe makes a TON!

For Fun

Tim and I met Jon Acuff!!! (author of Stuff Christians Like, Quitter, Start etc.)

I thought I saw his doppleganger get on our flight our of Spokane ahead of us and it turned out to be him. Tim did some quick sleuth work to confirm our suspicions and since I was already locked into my seat, I tweeted at him. Here’s what ensued…

Jon Acuff 1

Jon Acuff 2Jon Acuff 3


Don’t worry, all of this tweeting was done BEFORE the flight took off. I was too embarrassed to get up during the flight to introduce myself so I thought I would just have this conversation to share with others. We wondered if he was heading home or on to another speaking engagement. My husband is an excellent internet detective and after the plane landed, he discovered Jon’s from Nashville area and there was a flight from Vegas (our layover) to Nashville departing 30 minutes after our arrival.

Long story short – we saw that his gate was on the way to ours, tracked him down (in a, non-stalker way), and introduced ourselves. We stood there debating whether to interrupt him since he had just put headphone in, but I’m glad we did! Jon is a SUPER nice guy and chatted with us until he had to board his flight.

Moral of the story: Tim and I really aren’t creepers, I promise.

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