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Linking up (again) with Modern Mrs. Darcy for some short, casual book reviews.

Every Body Matters by Gary Thomas

Developing radical spiritual strength by addressing physical fitness? That’s the plot. I may not fully agree with the conclusion, but the book is motivating and thought provoking. #workingonmyfitness #Hesmywitness

Grace In Thine Eyes by Liz Curtis Higgs

Biblical story of Dinah set in the Scottish Lowlands. Continuation of a fantastic series. Some intentional deviations from the original, so don’t skip the author’s notes! #tissuesnecessary #teammcdonald

Epilogue: Visit Liz’s second author website, My Scottish Heart, for a virtual tour of Scotland, etc.

As For Me And My Crazy House by Brian Berry

The best thing for your marriage is a healthy self. The best thing for your family is a healthy marriage. The best thing for your ministry is a healthy family. All of the above addressed with wisdom and humor. #ministrymustread

Composing Amelia by Alison Strobel

I could identify with some of Amelia’s situation -newlywed, twenty-something living in Los Angeles needing to move to a more rural locale when her pastor husband gets a job. Realistic portrayal of marriage, change, mental illness, and different stages in a faith journey. #emotionalrollercoaster

Epilogue: Reinventing Rachel is cued up on my Nook!

The Novelist by L.L. Barkat

No doubt Barkat is a skilled writer. This is a subtle how-to chronicling the main character’s struggles to craft her first novel. It will suck you in and make your scratch your head. Poetry and literary references abound.

Epilogue: An interview with L.L. Barkat via Kindred Grace and 10 Things Every Novelist Needs, a blog post by the aforementioned Liz Curtis Higgs.

You Are A Writer by Jeff Goins

Do you NEED to write? Me too. I’ve never been more inspired to BE a writer and devote hours to my craft. Part personal experience, part advice, part cheering squad, Goins makes it seem possible to make writing an occupation. #startcreating #noteasybutpossible

Epilogue: I’m A Writer – beautiful post written by Kristen of Five In Tow.

DISCLOSURE: I received The Novelist and You Are A Writer for free via Story Cartel in exchange for an honest review. This post contains my affiliate links. Thanks for supporting Primitive Roads!

7 thoughts on “Twitterature Link Up

  1. I really enjoyed Composing Amelia, too! There were so many messages in it that spoke to me. I got it for free online and was pleasantly surprised that it was so good. Am also looking forward to reading Reinventing Rachel!

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