Primitive Pleasures {April}

Primitive Pleasures April

This month certainly blew by! Maybe that’s because I spent a glorious week in Southern California. I should do that more often…


On my flight back to Idaho, I read this lovely article in Spirit Magazine {my absolute favorite in-flight magazine}. It was refreshing to see simplicity so boldly publicized.

Friendship: I loved Relevant Magazine’s 5 Types of Friends Everyone Should Have and this guest post by Lesley Sebek Miller on Modern Mrs. Darcy reads like something Shauna Niequist would have written.

As and INFJ, I have a soft-spot for anything written about introverts. These four lies about introverts are so full of wisdom.


It’s getting to be quite Springy here in Idaho. The warmer weather makes me want to eat strawberries and angel food cake. Pioneer Woman’s Strawberry Shortcake is… I’m actually coming up short on words to describe this incredible cake.


Andy Stanley from North Point Ministries in Atlanta did an amazing series called Follow. It’s life changing. Listen or watch the sermons and then grab someone to chat through the discussion questions.


I borrowed this from Katie of Cardigan Way – it was too good not to share. My cousins and I sang this hymn at my Gramma’s memorial service and I walked down the aisle {almost a year ago} to a rendition by Jami Smith. Needless to say, I was alternately crying and grinning like an idiot while watching…

This touches my inner flower child – whimsical and beautiful.

I created this to express the reality of my Zumba experience. I love it though!

Zumba - Expectation and Reality

{photo credit: heraldpost and asterix611 via photopin cc}

7 thoughts on “Primitive Pleasures {April}

  1. Emily…do you know how often I have imagined that exact ZUMBA diagram? Every time I pull out the DVDs I imagine something like this floating through pinterest. Brilliant. I also loved the article on myths about introverts. I’m an EFNJ (so close!), but my best friends and husband are all I’s. I completely resonate with the article, 100 percent, on their behalf. Also loved the article on types of friends. Well said. And finally…have you made that strawberry shortcake? Oh gracious.

    1. Oh Katie, yes, my mom made the strawberry shortcake last year and I’ve thought about it since. It was the sweetest, most delicious strawberry dessert ever…

      It’s really good there’s a mirror in front of us at Zumba. If there wasn’t, I would be in major danger of thinking I’m the next J.Lo :)

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