The Best Way To Preserve and Present Photos

Preserving and Printing PhotosThe way we preserve and present photos has changed significantly in this digital age. I remember spending dollars upon dollars on scrapbook material and then spending even more hours snipping photos, creating embellishments, and gluing like there was no tomorrow.  I love all the pretty papers and the creative process of scrapbooking, but I don’t like the price tag or the time it takes.

In order to simplify while still preserving and presenting those photos in a pretty way, I turned to Blurb, a company that specializes in helping you create beautiful photo books.

I’ve been using Blurb since 2007 when I made a photo book {Cheers} of my semester in Oxford. My book had thousands of photos and infinitely more memories splashed across 200+ pages. It would have cost me more to print each of those photos out at Walmart than purchase my $60, hardcover book. I have since created Full Bloom, a coffee table book of my flower photography, Eight Twenty Seven, a memory book of my Gramma’s house, and several photo books from different vacations.  I’ve also made wedding and vacation photo books for a couple friends.

I recently rediscovered Blurb after a year hiatus. Now, in addition to Booksmart {their stellar – and FREE – bookmaking software}, Blurb has rolled out with Bookify, an online book-making tool that streamlines the process even more. Both Booksmart and Bookify are drag and drop interfaces with wonderful pre-made layouts. They are also totally customizable if you want to invest more time into the design of your book.

Making a book is as simple as uploading your photos, dragging them into a layout, naming your book, and hitting the checkout button.

I have three Blurb projects going right now:

  1. Another study abroad photo book of my semester in Italy {half done and long overdue}
  2. Wedding book {I guess our first anniversary is as good a time as any to get this started}
  3. A collection of my favorite Instagram photos {getting printed as we speak – more on this project later…}

Blurb books are one of those Emily creative obsessive things, but I truly see so much value in preserving photos in a simple, yet fun to make, fashion.

Mother’s Day is a perfect opportunity to try Blurb out. Make a special commemorative book of your mom or present your momma with a compilation of your favorite photos of her with your kids. Plus, you get 20% off until May 10th!

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photo credit: martinak15 via photopin cc

4 thoughts on “The Best Way To Preserve and Present Photos

  1. What wonderful ideas!! I have only used Blurb to turn an old blog into a book…a tradition I intend to continue! I’m dying to make an instagram book {maybe this summer?}, but your books are so beautiful! Thank you for the ideas…

    And on another note, as soon as I receive feedback on my Harry Potter paper, I’ll send it your way. :)

    Happy week, Emily…

    1. The Instagram book was so incredibly easy. I can’t wait to get it in my hot little mits!

      Can’t wait to read your paper. And it has Lewis in it? Double amazing.

      I will live in your back cottage in the Cotswolds…

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