Losing It & Rest {FMF}

I feel like rest is something I can never check off my to-do list, which is semi-infuriating. It’s not like washing the dishes or buying someone a birthday gift. Rest isn’t really quantifiable or tangible. But it is oh so necessary.

Physical rest, emotional rest, spiritual rest – it’s all encompassing.  I’m not skilled in having a balanced amount of rest in these areas. Traveling for work wears me out physically but is generally a great opportunity to spend quality time in prayer and scripture. I usually come home and feel like a tired plop who justs wants to veg out and do nothing.

Like many other things in my life, I probably over analyze rest and try to fit it in my perfectionist box. God asks us to rest but He doesn’t necessarily provide a manual. I like instructions, but I guess that’s part of resting – being still without an agenda.

Rest is an ongoing cycle and I’d like to find the rhythm.

Five Minute Friday


I’m reviewing a really great young adult novel on Kindred Grace today. Losing It by Erin Fry tackles some tough topics {death, illness, obesity, and friendship} with valuable insight into the mind of teenagers.

You can find the review here.


15 thoughts on “Losing It & Rest {FMF}

  1. oh i can relate! this year for me has been a year of learning to rest… FORCED to rest because of some medical stuff going on. its counterintuitive for me to stop and rest.

    as you say: Rest isn’t really quantifiable or tangible. But it is oh so necessary.

    i am learning to find a new rhythm of rest… and trying not to try to hard in trying to rest!

    thanks for your post, it was exactly what i needed to read today, reminding me that what i am doing, creating that new rhythm and carving out time to rest, is exactly what i should be doing right now

    blessings, claire
    (after you in the five minute friday list)

    1. I have definitely had seasons where I was forced to rest. In retrospect, those times have been healing in many ways and I can’t help but thanks God for allowing the circumstances that forced me into rest. Thanks for stopping by, Claire!

  2. I pretty much stink at resting. Probably because the manual isn’t available and the ones I’ve read just prescribe more things for me to do so I can rest and I bustle around preparing for rest that I never actually get around to doing. I am learning that God sometimes forces rest upon me, usually in the form of illness when I’ve run myself out completely. I would like to find a better rhythm as well.

  3. oh, Emily…I totally get this!

    I WISH I could pencil in rest and cross it off like a to-do list. I know its a choices and I know it will be sweeter in his arms but in the midst of chaos its tough for me. “creating a new rhythm” I like that!

    Blessings my friend,

  4. i just had to smile at that first sentence – about checking rest off your to do list. so very true… and maybe that is why so many of us “fail” at resting… or at least find it next to impossible. something about that mindset makes it impossible for rest isn’t something we accomplish, is it?

  5. Oh yes! Finding that time to just rest and be with God can be hard because life gets so overscheduled. I know God promises rest if we will just “come unto Him,” but sometimes it’s so hard for us to listen.

  6. I definitely am with you. I would love to find that rhythm better. I think that each season of life is a chance to re-learn what rest looks like.

    1. Oh, I love that Kristi! I’m going to have to chew on that for awhile… I’m a newlywed in a new town and I definitely feel like rest looks different now than it did a year ago.

  7. Hey when you find that manual on rest will you share it ’cause I sure could use it. I do physical rest pretty well especially since my kids are grown but the emotional and spiritual rest seem to be harder for me to find.

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