Losing It & Rest {FMF}

I feel like rest is something I can never check off my to-do list, which is semi-infuriating. It’s not like washing the dishes or buying someone a birthday gift. Rest isn’t really quantifiable or tangible. But it is oh so necessary.

Physical rest, emotional rest, spiritual rest – it’s all encompassing.  I’m not skilled in having a balanced amount of rest in these areas. Traveling for work wears me out physically but is generally a great opportunity to spend quality time in prayer and scripture. I usually come home and feel like a tired plop who justs wants to veg out and do nothing.

Like many other things in my life, I probably over analyze rest and try to fit it in my perfectionist box. God asks us to rest but He doesn’t necessarily provide a manual. I like instructions, but I guess that’s part of resting – being still without an agenda.

Rest is an ongoing cycle and I’d like to find the rhythm.

Five Minute Friday


I’m reviewing a really great young adult novel on Kindred Grace today. Losing It by Erin Fry tackles some tough topics {death, illness, obesity, and friendship} with valuable insight into the mind of teenagers.

You can find the review here.