My One Word and A New Series

This post was supposed to be a vlog (video blog), but I chickened out.  I told myself I didn’t have time.  Let’s be real.  My perfectionism would turn a 2-3 minute video in to a whole day project. So, technically, I really didn’t have time…

In this vlog, I was going to introduce the One Word, which has swiftly turned into three or four words (but who’s counting?), that will shape Primitive Roads this year.  AND, I was going to introduce a coinciding series that’s starting here on Wednesday.  Until I conquer my stage fright, you’ll have to stick with a normal post.

This past week, I said goodbye to my childhood home.

Since I hadn’t been back to Southern California in four months, I was too busy enjoying family, friends, and Mexican food to thoroughly process the last-time-here truth. Ten very formative years were spent in that home and I won’t be sleeping there the next time I’m in California.

It’s weird.  It’s sad.  It’s more weird than sad.  That’s mostly because I’m realizing (not in a pleasantly passive way, but in a yourworldischangingandyoucantstopit type way) that life isn’t static.

Even the things I perceive as consistent change over time.  Different seasons demand different boundaries, different desires, and different priorities.

As seasons shift, it’s important to shift with them or pray for a shiftable spirit.

I have preserved a fairly immovable spirit during this new season.  Much has changed in the past year and I’ve often been immobilized by all the newness.  For the sake of my emotional and spiritual health, it’s time to be intentional about praying for shiftiness (in the best sense of the word, of course).

My word/theme for 2013 – in life and here on Primitive Roads – is intentionality.  I’d like to be more purposeful about my words, my thoughts, my actions.

What better area to start being intentional than community – another of my words.

I’ve experienced a major shift in community the past few months and struggle to accept a new season of friendships, accountability, and fellowship.

Though drastically opposite of my natural proclivity, it’s about time I started jogging this primitive road instead of tripping over the pebbles.  January posts will look at community – an area I need to infuse with purpose – from a wide range of perspectives.

Won’t you join me on this primitive road towards intentional community?

Community Series


8 thoughts on “My One Word and A New Series

  1. That’s my word this year too! I already feel liked I’m being more intentional with my everyday life. Praying you lube out your word this year!

    1. That’s great, Ginny! It’s really nice to have other people with the same word to offer encouragement and accountability. I’ll be praying for you too. Let’s check in with each other every once in a while to see how Intentional is going :)

  2. I appreciate your candid, heartfelt blog posts; thanks. I’m praying for a shiftable spirit thru the seasons of my life & I recently named this year too! Mine is “rejoice”.

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