Opportunity {five minute friday}

Despite the fact that I don’t do well with change, I have seized the opportunity to do some interesting things.  Interesting, as in amazing but sure to thrust me into new and different situations that will stretch my ability to adapt and trust that God is in control.


  • I chose a college in the Midwest.
  • Studied abroad in two foreign countries.
  • In a whiz-bang decision, I became an innkeeper on the Central Coast of California.
  • Did a culinary internship at a bed and breakfast in Maine.
  • Spent two weeks in Serbia and two weeks in Kenya back-to-back.
  • Got married and moved to Northern Idaho.

All of these adventures started with the unknown – new locations and new jobs, not having any friends, and not have a specific timeline.

These opportunities for travel, fun, service, and education turned out to be opportunities for dependence and trust.

God gave me the opportunity to be adventurous and, with the same breath, extended His hand – an invitation to journey together along these fun but primitive roads.  He gave me an opportunity to conquer change and the unknown with His strength and His love.

Five Minute Friday


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