Read Along The Road

There’s a box in our garage filled with journals in every shape and size, their content chronicling my life since junior high. Some are specifically devoted to a certain fellow I had a major crush on, others contain my travel adventures from a year studying abroad.

Needless to say, I am an avid journaler.

So also is Amanda Holland, who wrote an excellent post for Inspired To Action about journaling her spiritual journey.

How Journaling Has Impacted My Faith

Faith journaling has changed my life. My walk with God is growing so much deeper than ever before.

I can already look back and see how He has slowly revealed things to me, little by little, as I spend time with Him. He’s revealing big dreams – God-sized dreams – to me, and reawakening dreams that I let die long ago. Do I have this “listening to God” thing down? Good grief, no…but the closer I get to Him, the better I hear His voice. When He speaks to my heart, I record it in my journal.

Read the rest HERE.  Find more of Amanda at Grace In Our Moments.


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