Dear Mr. Owl {31 Days of Letters}

Dear Mr. Owl,

You look innocent enough, but I have my doubts.

That bright blue exterior and cute orange beak are hiding something mischievous, I just know it!

You are so helpful during the day.  You keep time and buzz faithfully when I need to take something out of the oven or to alert me that my tea is done steeping. Those little feet remain perched on the ledge like you have no care in the world.

But I see a bird with plenty of shenanigans up his feathers.  When you’re in the glow of the oven light, those big eyes hint at your true character.  You sit there, small and unassuming all day long. Then, when the house is empty, I bet you leave your post.

Do you hide my forks?  Do you flirt with my salt shaker? (She is a lovely gold owl, indeed).  May I suggest that you do the dishes or make the bed?  Before you protest, let me remind you that the birds in Cinderella did so with a joyful tune.

Whatever you’re up to, just know that I’m on to you.  Cuteness won’t cover your bird-business much longer…



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For more information about the 31 Day Challenge, visit The Nester.

One thought on “Dear Mr. Owl {31 Days of Letters}

  1. Wow! I just stumbled onto this site & had to laugh. Here’s why. I wrote my very own letter to my “Mr Owl” just this am. My note was on a digital picture, which I don’t think I have the option of sharing here, but I certainly wish I did. My “Mr Owl” kept me awake all night long. Lol

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