Dear Autumn {31 Days of Letters}

Dear Autumn,

Of all the seasons, you are the most complex.

You usher in change with a splendor unparalleled.  With chameleon-like qualities, your citrine turns to amber and your emerald to auburn.  At the height of beauty, you shed your colorful skin to brighten the drab earth below.  A second wave of Fall opulence can dance across gravel, grass, and dirt.

You are a golden rae between the vibrant and the colorless.

Your time is fleeting.  One frost or one gust of wind could sap your fragile life.  But while you last, you bring forth the harvest.  Labor and toil is rewarded with maturity and abundance.

May I enjoy your fruits and your grandeur during this season. May I dwell in your warmth for however long it lasts without looking toward the ominous cold ahead.

Warm regards,


You can find all my letters here.

For more information about the 31 Day Challenge, visit The Nester.

2 thoughts on “Dear Autumn {31 Days of Letters}

    1. Thanks Annie! Just popped over to your blog – LOVE it! I appreciate your honesty about single-hood. Definitely a difficult (but rewarding) journey. My 25 years of singleness taught me a ton!

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