Dear Gramma {31 Days of Letters}


Dear Gramma,

I miss you.  I miss you a lot.

Has it really been five years?  Those five years have held so many changes for our family – good changes, exciting changes, important changes, changes you would have loved to be a part of.

Reminders of you.

Missing you and knowing the things you’ve missed has been a daily reminder of God’s sovereignty.  He is anxious for us to dwell in His house.  I cannot dispute His perfect timing in the number of your days even though I would have preferred you to have more of them.  I strive to have my heart echo Job’s words:

The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away; may the name of the LORD be praised.  {Job 1:21}

I do praise God for the 20 years you were present in my life.  You taught me how to make pie crust and divinity.  You passed on your lust for travel and learning. You cheered me on in all my endeavors.  I think you were my biggest fan when pep flags performed at football games.

But, my heart aches when I look back on my college graduation, on my wedding, on my move to Idaho, knowing that you weren’t able to witness and celebrate those events.  You would have been proud of me in my cap and gown.  You would have loved my Tim.  You would have loved to visit Coeur d’Alene.

I know as time goes on, there will be more milestones that my heart aches over, especially when little Gardners arrive.  However, I am thankful for the undeniable legacy you have left in your stead.

I miss you.



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6 thoughts on “Dear Gramma {31 Days of Letters}

  1. Gramma would have been deeply touched and truly honored by your post today, Em’. She loved you with a very special love and hèr voice echoed in my mind as I finished reading: “Oh, Emily!”

  2. Hi Emily – I loved this post. My Gran passed away 25 odd years ago and I still miss her. I’ve even started researching all I can find out about her. I think I may do something similar to honour her memory too. God bless

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