Dear J {31 Days of Letters}

Dear J,

Within an hour, I knew you had to be the most courageous young woman I know.  You project a resilience and strength I can’t even fathom possessing after what your life has held.  While we talked yesterday, I kept on thinking of Joshua.  Your stories may be different but they aren’t devoid of commonalities.

As a youngster, Joshua lived through the bitter reality of slavery in Egypt.  Once free from the rule of Pharaoh, Joshua stood out among his people.  He lead the Israelites to victory in countless battles, and he alone was allowed to accompany Moses on the holy mountain to receive the the tablets of testimony.

Joshua was the representative of his tribe to scope out the land God had promised the Israelites, and was one of two men who could look beyond the giants to see a land flowing with milk and honey.  When the time came, God elected Joshua to establish His people in the promised land.

Oppression, pain, and hardship marked the beginning of Joshua’s life.  When things appeared to be improving, he was thrust into 4o years of wilderness wandering because of other people’s bad choices.  Then, Joshua was given the burden of leadership, the weight of responsibility for protecting God’s people.

God exhorts Joshua to “be strong and courageous!” in the midst of his situation.  God has called to you, J, with a similar plea.  In the midst of pain and hardship that no person should ever experience, you bear your burden with strength and dignity.

You are beautiful and brave!  You possess a Biblical view of forgiveness that I can only hope to attain one day.  I admire your persistence and endurance.

Know that you are loved.  You are loved by people on earth and loved by a your Heavenly Father.  Your Abba made a promise to Joshua and makes it to you as well:

Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.  {Joshua 1:9}

You may not always feel Him, but He is with you.  Turn to Him in your times of darkness and bask in the life giving light of His love.

With love,


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