Dear Thomas Hammer {31 Days of Letters}

Dear Thomas Hammer,

If the coffee industry operated like a high school, you’d be the Prom King.  Your the cool kid of coffee shops, and instead of envying you for it – I love you for it! You possess the mysterious quality intrinsic to popularity that makes everything you do beyond awesome.  I think you could start serving coffee sludge and it would gain traction.

There are plenty of coffee options in my neck of Idaho.  The Christian crowd congregates at Kootenai Coffee (for good reason – they have a pleasant environment conducive to conversation) and the hipsters mingle and do hipstery things downtown at Java (who could resist Java’s delicious hot chocolate).  Plus, there’s a squadron of Starbucks to choose from.

For the coffee obsessed like myself, its certainly not a chore to make the coffee rounds.  It took Tim and I two weeks to get through your doors and, boy, do we regret our two weeks of Hammerless existence.  I was immediately impressed with your clean lines, smoky blue walls, and industrial – yet warm – feel.  I was instantly transported from Northern Idaho into an Ikea catalogue.


When I realized you differentiate cup sizes by the typeof hammer printed on those crazy-cool orange cups of yours, I about died.  I was sold on your simple, sleek vibe alone, then I tried your coffee.  You make a white mocha that isn’t cloyingly sweet, a vanilla latte that I would drink everyday, and a chai tea that is nothing but perfect.  I would make you a daily habit if I could legitimize spending three-ish dollars a day on coffee.

Photo taken by my coffee loving husband.


The worst part of my time with you is when it has to end, when I reach the bottom of the cup and cannot suck one last drop from the inside of the cup.  But when my chai runs dry, I can oogle your crazy-cool mugs and shirts.  I plan to represent the Hammer (via Kelly Green t-shirt, perhaps?) and am working on Tim to sport one of your cardigans.  If that fails, he will certainly rock a beanie or travel mug.

So, if i’m not sipping a chai, know that I’m wishing I was holding a Hammer cup. You and your eclectic background music rock my coffee world!



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For more information about the 31 Day Challenge, visit The Nester.

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