On Letting Go


Kristin Ritzau wrote a book, a book specifically for me.  Well, she didn’t write the book for me only, but for everyone like me – Christ followers wrestling with how perfectionism fits in to their daily life.  A Beautiful Mess is a journey of freedom for all who struggle with crippling expectations and yearn for acceptance and contentment.

Kristin’s blog, is a space to share the perfectionist journey with authenticity and a full serving of grace.  Multi-media expressions of this journey are guided by a changing prompt.  This season, the prompt is Letting Go.

I’m sharing part of my own journey about letting go and forgiveness today over on A Beautiful Mess.

The Battle Royal

For fear of starting a battle royal, I will refrain from declaring myself the Queen of Perfectionism. But rest assured I have a crown large enough to encompass my Type A personality and desire to be flawless.

After many years of gazing at the reflection bouncing back at me from the polished metal of my crown, as most introspective perfectionists are apt to do, I’ve discovered that being a perfectionist is not a stand-alone job.

By default, perfectionist royalty also hold the gavel of judgment, announcing with a resounding thud whenever criteria is not met. Not only do we rule over ourselves with strict standards, but we also expect others to abide by them as well.

I may not consciously expect others to have my same standards, but I certainly judge them by my exacting code of behavior and ethics.

When perfectionism and judgment join forces, a wake of destruction is sure to follow. Pain and shame are quick to appear in the hearts of those who fall victim to critical self-evaluations and fail to meet unattainable goals.

What is a queen to do when she is finally too entangled by the evil snares of her own striving and self-deprecation? Or when she has ostracized herself from others because of a hypercritical spirit?

Read the rest of The Battle Royal here!

Guest Posting & Crazy Connections

Turns out, I guest post for people who I have random connections with.  Last week it was Kayse Pratt {6 Things I Learned in 6 Months of Marriage}, who was my city-neighbor for a year, and today it’s Marie Osborne.

I connected with Marie on Twitter only to discover she is the daughter-in-law of my brother-in-law’s pastor (Pastor Larry Osborne at North Coast in Vista, CA). David, my brother-in-law, works at North Coast and knows all the Osbornes.

Crazy. Small. World.

So, I’m writing over on Marie’s blog as part of her new series called Living Out His Love:  

This world isn’t perfect. We are fallen creatures struggling to learn how to give and receive this love. How to live out His love.
It’s a lifelong goal for all of us. But we can stumble along together. This series, “Living out His Love,” will be a place where we can talk this out. Share about our struggles, what His word says, what we learn in prayer and practice, really trying to live out this love. How we’ve been encouraged and how we’ve been wounded by others attempting to live out His love in our lives. Our hopes, our aspirations, our past. What we thought love was and how we learned it was different. How we strive to apply this love, in loving Him, our family, friends, enemies, community, ourselves.

My take on Living Out His Love revolves around my love of based-on-a-true-story sports movies. Thank you, Rocky Balboa!

Beyond Gaps

Aside from a hefty dose of chick-flicks and Jane Austen films, my movie collection is dominated by inspirational sports dramas.  I’m a sucker for the underdog and can’t get enough of the comeback montages set to heart-moving music.

The likes of Remember The Titans, We Are Marshall, and Miracle make me cry without fail.  Maybe it was the boxing factor or the endless sequels, but my based-on-a-true-story, sports film fanaticism never touched the Rocky collection.

Little did I know that lurking beneath all the blood, sweat, and punching, there were real lessons to be learned about love from the unlikely boxer.  With a few short lines uttered in the company of his friend Paulie and a bunch of cold cows waiting to be butchered, Rocky perfectly illustrates the symbiotic nature of true love.

Read the rest over on… Marie’s Blog!

Six Things I’ve Learned in Six Months of Marriage

Tim and I celebrated our six month anniversary on Sunday!

In the process of adjusting to married life and consistent disorder, I’ve learned many new things about myself.  Six qualities stick out to me as I reflect over my first six months of marriage.

I’m sharing  the six things I learned in six months of marriage over on Kayse Pratt‘s blog: Live Authentically, Laugh Joyfully, Love Intentionally.

Even the blogosphere is a small world.  Turns out Kayse and I lived in neighboring cities for a year without knowing hide nor hair of each other! Now we live in different states, but I’m excited to be part of her internet home today.

Read all about what I learned in six months of marriage and then poke around Kayse’s delightful and encouraging blog!