About the Blog

Shortly after we were married, Tim and I were driving from Spokane to a small Christian camp in Northern Washington when we decided to throw our GPS out the window (metaphorically speaking, of course). The deserted highway curved off to the right but we kept moving straight, straight onto a dirt and gravel road with no end in sight. As we slowed to make the transition from paved to unpaved, I caught a glimpse of a sign that read “Primitive Road Ahead.”

That sign was full of truth in more ways than one. Our rental car got up close and personal with boulders, dirt, forest, bushes and the like as we ventured forth with no real option to go back the way we came. Turns out primitive road meant more Indiana Jones ride than joy ride in the country.

My life resembles one of  those primitive roads, too. Giving God control was the best decision I ever made, but I quickly realized that being a Christ-follower didn’t guarantee paved highways and country joy rides. Life is unpredictable and anything but paved.

This blog, which I’ve affectionately named Primitive Roads after our little adventure, is about navigating those unpaved paths. (You can read more about the changes and refining this blog has been through here.)

I write about the things that help me through the rustic moments of life’s ever changing seasons:

  • God’s grace – I simply couldn’t move from point A to point B without Christ. You’ll get an authentic look into this imperfect girl’s spiritual journey as I navigate marriage, motherhood, and ministry.
  • My Passions – God gives us unique talents and interests for a purpose. When we engage in those interests and use those talents, we magnify our Creator, as well as recharge our spirits. In addition to writing, I have a love for books, hospitality, and crafty things. (I’m sure there’s a better phrase for that…) Those subjects are sprinkled throughout this site because they help me find peace amidst the primitive.

It’s important to me that writing authentically about my own experiences is an encouragement to others. My heart is that this site would be a way to virtually do life WITH others, not a way to tell people how to do their own life. I pray you find peace, support, and community in the words written here.

To learn more about the girl behind the website, visit the About Emily page.

Check out the connections page for more ways we can get to know each other!

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