When spare moments become stare moments. {Perspectives on Motherhood and Writing}

When Jessiqua Wittman first joined the Kindred Grace contributor team, I would have never guessed she wrote self-proclaimed gritty fiction novels. I’ve enjoyed getting to know her better through her writing and I think you will enjoy getting to know her better too! She’s jumping into the Perspectives on Motherhood and Writing series this week.

If you missed a week, check out the series’ archives.

Motherhood and Writing JessiquaWhy do you write/blog?

I write because certain topics and stories burn inside me. I blog because most people like bite-size pieces of writing more than the 1,000 page novels that come naturally to me.

How long have you been writing/blogging?

I’ve been writing for nearly ten years. I’ve been blogging for about three and a half years.

How has your current season of life impacted your writing/blogging?

Considering that I have a nearly five-year-old, a newly three-year-old, and a baby due any day… (Jessiqua had her sweet baby between writing this and it going live!) I don’t write or blog near as much as I used to. It takes time and focus to write something special, and lately it’s been hard to find both time and focus in the same breath!

How has this season of life changed your writing habits?

When I was a teenager, I used to sit with my notepad and write during every spare moment. Nowadays, I find myself just sitting and enjoying time with my little ones. Spare moments have become stare moments, where I just stare off into space and dream. After the kids go to bed though, I gather up all those dreamy visions and start typing them on my laptop. My personal bedtime is at eleven-o-clock, so I have until then to record as much as possible.

Perspectives Jessiqua

What is your writing/blogging battle cry?

My message usually revolves around the imperfections of humanity and the gritty love of God. Christians oftentimes don’t feel free to express the struggles that they have during the winter seasons of their faith. I like encouraging honesty in those areas so that freedom, grace and strength can be found.

How does faith, writing, and motherhood intersect in your daily life?

Well, for one thing, it’s not unusual for my laptop keyboard to be a wee bit sticky from kiddo fingerprints. :) Also, my kids simultaneously push me to my patience limit and teach me about the gloriously simple beauties of everyday life. Their innocence is inspiring to me, and their moods reflect my own and convict me. I may not be able to write as much as I used to, but I’m thankful for the deeply thoughtful moments that I’m able to have in between potty training and ginormous hugs.

JessiquaJessiqua Wittman is a child of God, a happy wife and mother, and a dedicated author of gritty fiction novels.

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One thought on “When spare moments become stare moments. {Perspectives on Motherhood and Writing}

  1. Hey! I just got back from a two week camping vacation and came home to this. Thanks for hosting me and my thoughts. Your motherhood/writing series has been so much fun, I’m glad it’s due to keep going on for a while. :)

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