Taking a back seat. {Perspectives on Motherhood and Writing}

We’re continuing the Perspectives on Motherhood and Writing guest post series with Jennifer Jackson Linck. Join me in welcoming her to the blog! If you missed a week, check out the Perspectives on Motherhood and Writing Archives page. 

Motherhood and Writing Jennifer

Why do you write/blog?

I am a writer at heart! I’ve been writing since I was a little girl. I can’t not write. :)
However, the purpose of my blog is to bring hope to first-time mothers who aren’t quiet sure what they’ve gotten themselves in to.

I write about faith, motherhood, and adoption for the most part. Writing is my way to connect with God and share His love with others.

How long have you been writing/blogging?

I’ve been blogging since early 2010. I started blogging when we decided to adopt. It was my way of processing infertility and the crazy journey of adoption, while keeping others in the loop of our journey. Now I blog more to encourage others struggling with infertility, pursuing adoption or trying to figure this motherhood thing out.

How has your current season of life impacted your writing/blogging?

I am learning so much as a mother and it makes for good blog material. I get most of my ideas from the lessons God is teaching me through my toddler. I try really hard to be transparent and real on my blog. To let my readers know that motherhood is hard and it’s okay to have bad days. I never want anyone to read my blog and think I’m perfect – I’m far from it. But because of God’s grace, I’m able to start over and be the best mom I can be to Jackson.

I’ve also realized in the past year or so that I need to be more intentional and present with my son. Blogging can wait. Jackson won’t be this age forever. That’s why I have taken a step back from the blog this summer and have started blogging only when I feel like it. I was following a blog calendar/schedule and writing three times a week. I realized I needed a break. This break has left me room to have fun with my son and make memories that I will always cherish. I’m finding when I do write it’s better and I’m doing it because I want to, not because I have to.

How has this season of life changed your writing habits?

Sometimes it’s a real challenge to balance blogging and motherhood. These days I write in-between dishes and dirty diapers. I usually write on the days Jackson is at Mother’s Day Out. Like I said earlier, blogging/writing has taken a back seat this summer and I’m trying to be more intentional with my son. There are many nights I write after Jackson goes to bed. I also find that I start blog posts in the notes section of my phone and finish them when I have more time to devote to it.

What is your writing/blogging battle cry?

My blog exists to bring hope to first-time mother’s who aren’t quiet sure what they’ve gotten themselves into. I write to encourage women struggling with infertility and those who are traveling the long and expensive road to adoption.

I pray my words bring other’s closer to Jesus. I pray I am always transparent and real. I pray our story will always bring Him glory!

How does faith, writing, and motherhood intersect in your daily life?

Writing has always been a way to share my faith. It’s the God-given talent I was born with and I believe I am to use it for God’s glory. Motherhood offers a lot of writing material and has also shown me how desperately I need Jesus. Motherhood is a refining process to make me more like Him.

“I’ve never loved so fiercely, been frustrated so easily, or needed Jesus so desperately.” (Quote from my ebook Trucks, Tantrums, & Trusting Him: Confessions of a Boy Mom)

Jennifer Jackson LinckJennifer loves to share how God answered her heart’s cry to be a mother and is passionate about adoption, orphan care, and encouraging others who are struggling with infertility.

A graduate of the University of Oklahoma, Jennifer received a bachelor’s degree in journalism and spent several years working as a reporter for The Oklahoman. She’s the author of Bringing Home the Missing Linck: A Journey of Faith to Family and the ebook Trucks, Tantrums, & Trusting Him: Confessions of a Boy MomJennifer lives in Oklahoma with her husband, John, and their son Jackson.

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