The Sweet Life

Some experiences remain so vivid, years may pass and it still seems like they happened yesterday. Studying abroad is one of those experiences. And in that experience there are a million little experiences that continue to shine brightly in my minds eye.

I’ve written a bit about my time overseas on Kindred Grace (before I was a regular contributor!) and I’m happy to be sharing a bit more about my travels today on Little Did She Know.

I mention a lot of delicious details in my post for Cara’s de(tales) series, but only sent her one photo. I thought it would be fun to share a few more visuals of the sweet life I wrote about.

When you read my description of Dolce Vita, you’ll notice I took a minor editorial liberty in the color of the pastry trays – silver not gold.  Oops. Apparently my memories aren’t as vivid as I thought they were…

Dolce Vita

Completely unassuming store front to Dolce Vita. Who knew the inside held such special people and pastries.

Dolce Vita

The son of the mom and son duo who ran Dolce Vita. Such a patient fellow.

Dolce Vita

My 20 year old self with two of the six other students in my study abroad program, enjoying a cappuccino.

Dolce Vita

The Occhi I talk about…

Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita

Pastries on silver trays. They were gold in my mind’s eye.

Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita

One of those cups now resides in my dining room!

Thanks for indulging my seven year old memories. To read more about Dolce Vita, head over here.


2 thoughts on “The Sweet Life

    1. What a fun goal!

      I’ve been following Tsh’s writer’s retreat in Tuscany via Instagram and they keep making me miss my semester in Italy…

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