For All Men

Maybe because it was my first Mother’s Day with a child, but I was particularly attune to all the sentiments expressed about the maternal holiday we celebrate every year. I began to notice a trend among the blog posts I was reading – the idea that not just women with children posses the qualities we honor in our moms on Mother’s Day.

Maybe because it’s Tim’s first official Father’s Day, but I have been hyper aware of not just WHO I celebrate every June but WHAT I’m celebrating every June. I honor my Grandpa, Dad, Step-Dad, and Uncle for being fathers to me and I honor them for being providers, examples, protectors, guiders, and comforters. However, those aren’t the only men in my life who have fatherly qualities.

My brother isn’t a father yet and he is loyal, sensitive, and hard-working, qualities that will make a great dad. Even before my husband became a father, he shepherded and cared for plenty of kids in the youth group. There are plenty of men who don’t have biological children who embody the character traits we will celebrate in our dads on June 15th.

I’m writing more about what actually makes a father on Kindred Grace today – won’t you join me there?

We celebrate fathers this month, but fathers aren’t the only men who should be celebrated. Men young and old posses the qualities we cherish in our God and in our fathers. 

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