I Hope He Takes After You

I hope he takes after YouI already know he has your long, dark eyelashes

and the dimples that compress those precious cheeks are just like yours.

I already know he has the same notch missing from his right ear

and a length that hints at a tall frame just like yours.

But, I hope he takes after you.

I hope he inherits your subtle strength and quiet leadership.

I hope he possesses the same respect for women.

I hope he shares your love of coffee, the outdoors, and family.

I hope he has the same caring, sensitive spirit.

I hope he takes after you.

I already know he bares Your image

formed so perfectly and wonderfully in my womb.

I already know he is built for Your unique purpose

equipped with gifts and passions the likes of which only You could supply.

But, I hope he takes after You.

I hope he lives selflessly and sacrificially.

I hope he seeks out and serves the least.

I hope he pursues community and prioritizes relationship.

I hope he values vulnerability over comfort.

I hope he gives grace freely to himself and others.

I hope he loves abundantly.

I hope he takes after You. 

2 thoughts on “I Hope He Takes After You

  1. Love this. And the best part is that he’ll have great traits from you as well! + what an encouragement to keep up our relationships with Christ…ultimately that’s where our kiddos get their first taste of Jesus.

    1. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by the responsibility of introducing my kiddo to Jesus. Glad God’s more powerful than my efforts.

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