Shauna Niequist Book Reviews

Shauna NiequistIt’s no secret how much I love Shauna Niequist.

I’ve written multiple posts (see below) about her latest book, Bread and Wine, but haven’t mentioned her first two very much. That’s about to change.

I’m weighing in on all three of Shauna’s wonderful books at Kindred Grace today!

My cousin introduced me to Shauna Niequist (pronounced KNEE-quist. I’ve been saying it wrong for the past six years…) while we were in college. Shauna’s debut memoir, Cold Tangerines, had hit her campus by storm. I, having migrated to the Midwest for school, which has a two-year delay on anything popular, was still in the dark about this engaging author/speaker. I devoured Cold Tangerines and then was one of the multitude who waited impatiently for all of her subsequent work. Her style is easy to digest (though the message is chewy) and addicting like chocolate – you’ll always want just one more bite.

Read the rest of the post here.

If you’re a Shauna fan (or want to learn more), read these posts!

Recipes from Bread and Wine:

3 thoughts on “Shauna Niequist Book Reviews

  1. I just read Cold Tangerines after she spoke at APU a few weeks ago. I loved listening to her and actually got to do a more intimate Q and A with her for staff at APU. She was great. I really enjoyed the book, too. Looking forward to reading Bittersweet!

    1. I always seem to miss her when she speaks at APU! I should just watch them online… Have you read Bread and Wine? I think you would especially like that one since you like to cook! (and thanks about James!)

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