What I’m Into – February 2014

What I'm Into

Parts of this post have been sitting in drafts since January. I didn’t link up last month because I had a baby Which brings me to the most important thing I’ve been into this month – my son, James!

James Gardner

My brother-in-law’s sister designed this cute announcement for us. Now I’m just waiting on my self-inking address stamp I had made via Vista Print (so I don’t have to write our return address on every. single. envelope) to send them out. The $15 dollars was a good investment, I think.

James at one month

James turned one month old yesterday. Just wow. He smiles and grunts (A LOT) and always has his hands by his face. Yes, his middle name comes from To Kill A Mockingbird. I can’t get enough of his fuzzy head, thunder thighs, and yawn face.

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Good Reads

My current nursing activity is keeping up with my Feedly. I may not have read many books the past month, but I’ve read a whole ton of blog posts. These are winners:

  • 5 Reasons Mamas Don’t Take of Themselves via Naptime Diaries – I’m in the midst of creating new, healthy self-care habits as a mom.
  • Back to Writing and The Art of Unblogging via Trina Holden – Must reads if you are a writer/blogger. Trina’s advice is encouraging in my changing season of life.
  • Bursting via Little Did She Know – My new friend, Cara, considers the questions: How do you go about encouraging someone fainting in heart? What does it look like to come and console?

Next up on my book reading list is Dear Mr. Knightley, the debut novel by Katherine Reay, and I am beyond excited to start it today.

Good Listens

  • Oceans by Hillsong United – A gorgeous, moving song. I love the folky, lyrical style. Similar to Psalm 23, one of my favorites by Reality SF.
  • Hold You Up by Shane Harper
  • I’m digging Jake Bugg after seeing him perform on American Idol last night.
  • Ask It: Edged Out by Andy Stanley – Simple and straightforward. One of the best sermons I’ve heard on boundaries/purity.

Good Eats

  • Magnum Minis – Small versions of the decadent Magnum ice cream bars.
  • Fig-Prosciutto Pizza with Arugula via Pioneer Woman – A toothsome combo. We’ve made these modifications: whole wheat Boboli crust because whole wheat is delicious and quicker than making your own, regular mozzarella because fresh made our first round soupy, spring mix because our pack of arugula had gone bad, and crisping the prosciutto before putting on pizza because crispy prosciutto is good prosciutto.
  • Man Pleasing Chicken via Witty in The CIty –  Some of the best chicken I’ve eaten. How could you go wrong with mustard, maple syrup, and rosemary?
  • Raspberry Lemon Pie via Thimbleanna – Summer in my mouth.

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16 thoughts on “What I’m Into – February 2014

  1. That fig-proscuitto pizza looks awesome! I have that recipe from her cookbook too, and have been meaning to make it. With pre-made dough of course.

    I love that birth announcement and I love that you call him sweet baby James. My parents were HUGE James Taylor fans so I have so many memories of his songs growing up. James was on our short list for when Hudson was born—mostly so I could sing him that song :)
    Have a great weekend!

    1. We’ve made it from scratch and with the modifications I described. I highly recommend the wheat boboli – even quicker than pre-made dough.

      James has been in both our families for a long time, but the song reference is a bonus :)

    1. Mr. James is doing good. He nurses well and is a happy boy most of the time. I’m adjusting to a new normal – not always easy, but I can’t get enough of my little man! Thank you for asking :)

  2. Hey Emily! Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog so I could follow you back here! Your blog is beautiful and I have a feeling we would get along in person. :) But most importantly, congratulations on James!! He is so, so, so cute! I hope you’re feeling well. It sounds like you’re taking new motherhood into stride. (Can’t say that I really did! :) That’s awesome!

    And btw, Coeur d’Alene is such a beautiful place! Let’s keep in touch! Erica

    1. Thanks Erica!

      Don’t let me fool you, new motherhood has certainly had its ups and downs ;)

  3. Wow! Emily, James is absolutely adorable; congratulations! Thanks for the reading suggestions – particularly The Art of Unblogging – AND I’ve had Oceans on repeat :)

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