We {HEART} Books: the virtual book exchange wrap-up!

I love many things about reading – the ability to be whisked away into a world different than my own, the ability to learn, explore, and relax among the pages – but the thing I love most, is the community reading promotes. There’s something to be said for the connections forged over words and authors and stories.

A book exchange is the perfect example of the community to be made around books and reading. The only thing to make a book exchange better is to expand the invitation to the world. That’s what we did with We {HEART} Books, a virtual book exchange that connected book lovers from around the world.

I decided not to participate in this year’s exchange because of James’ due date being so close to all the festivities. Even though I didn’t exchange a book, I have so enjoyed the community developing in the Facebook group. I loved hearing about people’s book/reading preferences. I loved seeing people post photos of the books they received. Now it’s time to read about everyones book exchange experience.

If you participated, please link-up your post or pictures. If you didn’t, enjoy these reflections.

{A major THANK YOU to the exchange co-hosts, Kalyn and Katie, who put so much work into making this happen!}


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