Praises and Prayers For a New Baby

I can’t remember how I connected with Rachel, but I’m glad I did! She’s a blogging buddy, fellow mom, and Christ-follower. Plus she has great taste in burger places… (If you’re ever near Seattle Pacific University, don’t miss Red Mill Burgers.) I am so pleased she agreed to guest post and I’m totally blessed by her sweet spirit. Make sure to check out her blog – Mason Jar Values!


If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that Em was expecting a baby boy right around now. He’s here (woohoo!) and I wanted to share some prayers you can offer up along side me as the new mom and dad get settled in to their new rhythms of parenting. ~Rachel at Mason Jar Values

praises and prayers for a new baby

Lord, we first want to thank you and praise You for little James Atticus! Thank you for giving his mama the strength to bring him safely into this world and for blessing his daddy to be just the right encourager for the delivery.

We also lift up James’ continual growth and development in this fourth trimester, the first 12 weeks of life during which so much adjustment takes place.

Jesus, we pray for Tim and Em’s marriage, that they would continually set aside regular time to work on their relationship, being intentional even when it feels like the demands on their time are at their peak.

Keep Your hand on Em’s spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being during this time of profound change, especially as her hormones realign and she deals with the emotions surrounding being a new mom.

Lord, thank You for making Em’s body strong and able to deliver James. In these days of recovery, give her the rest she needs to heal and bounce back. Thank You for making her a beautiful woman and remind her of that as she adjusts to her post-baby body.

We pray for Tim’s heart as he leads his growing family in this dynamic time of change. Give him Your strength and wisdom to support and encourage Em as she cares for James and learns the rhythms of being a mother. Guide his thoughts, words, and actions and continue to bring alongside men to support him in this new venture as dad.

Jesus, thank you for this incredible blessing and for giving James such capable and loving parents. Bless them through the sleepless nights, the uncharted territory of new parenthood, and the wondrous creation of new life.


Rachel Zupke

My name is Rachel and I’m a stay at home mom to a toddler.  My husband brings home the big bucks as a high school science teacher and I help out $wise by coaching girls basketball and coed rowing as well as substitute teaching at my hubby’s high school (I taught HS science pre-baby).   I write about life – Jesus and family, homemaking, real food and natural living, outdoor adventures with our Siberian Husky, and local happenings.

4 thoughts on “Praises and Prayers For a New Baby

  1. Congratulations, Em! There’s a lot of love and wisdom in this post, I hope you revisit it often! (But sleep first. Sleep always wins when you have a newborn.)

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