A Couple Posts in a Couple Places

I’m (writing) in two places at once today!

You can find me over on Kayse Pratt‘s blog and at Embracing Marriage.


My blogging buddy Kayse had her sweet baby boy a few days ago. She planned ahead and scheduled guest posts, with the theme of gratitude, for the month of November so she could fully recover and enjoy her little Nathan. I’ve collaborated with Kayse before (How To Maintain A High Maintenance Marriage) and am glad to be over in her neck of the interwebs again today.

His plansThis time around, I’m writing about motherhood, not marriage.

You can read my guest post about struggling to accept God’s pregnancy plans for our family here. I promise it does stick with the gratitude theme…



Embracing MarriageI’m a newer contributor to Embracing Marriage, but I have enjoyed being part of the community developing on the Embracing sites.

My post today is all about being weird – embracing who God made you to be, especially in the context of a marriage relationship. You can read the post (and all about some of my quirks) here.

photo credit: pregnancy test via photopin

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