Primitive Pleasures: September

Tomorrow is October? That means it’s basically Halloween and the end of Fall. Family visits and Thanksgiving will be here before I know it. then Christmas music and holiday lights will bleed into a frosty New Year, which means I’m about to have a baby.  Just WHOA! While I regain a proper sense of time, please enjoy this list of fun stuff from September…

septemberFor the introverts and extroverts alike, don’t miss Susan Cain’s book, Quiet.

This bike/stroller blurs the line between want and need. I’m leaning towards need…

Such a sweet baby announcement.

I’m really missing Chai from Thomas Hammer this fall (which is regrettably caffeinated), but am consoling myself with David Rio’s Flamingo Chai – sugar free AND decaf.

Wanting to make this bookshelf quilt.

In love with the photo on my friend Lindsay’s blog post about finding beauty in brokenness.

So much truth in this post from Jen Hatmaker. And, who else is excited about her upcoming HGTV debut?

Forget Ikea’s Swedish Meatballs. Tim and I made Turkey-Apple Swedish Meatballs from Food Network Magazine over the weekend. They tasted like Thanksgiving dinner in a ball.

I would kill TIm if he ever did this to me. However, I would never be that close to a cliff. I would be lying flat on the rock hundreds of yards from the cliff… The rest of Devin Graham’s videos are pretty insane.

PS – Many of these goodies were culled from my time on Pinterest. You can follow me on Pinterest here.

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