New York Bound

I realize Primitive Roads has been pretty quite lately. I’m still trying to embrace the seasonal side of blogging, although I wrote that post thinking I was trading consistent blogging for hiking, training for a half-marathon, and fixing up our new house instead of being pregnant. Not that pregnancy has kept me from writing, per se, but my mind and body have been super occupied adjusting to our growing little one (the size of a lemon this week!).

The lake

Tim and I are leaving for a much needed vacation today. We’re trading Lake Coeur d’Alene for another, much smaller, lake in Central New York. Not only do we get to revisit our honeymoon spot, we get to spend time with my parents and brother – a mondo treat for me!

I’m praying this getaway is the time and space I need to refocus and reconnect spiritually – something I’ve felt slip a little the past few months. A sweet friend reignited my passion for women and community recently and I’m excited about connecting and collaborating with her. I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful place to pray and think and hopefully come back with renewed purpose for Primitive Roads.

In the meantime, more blogging silence from me as I soak up the next week!

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