Rhythm {Five Minute Friday}


The moonlight made walking easier as we followed single file through the sand. What seemed like hours was only minutes and we had arrived at one of many clearings. The only thing that differentiated this clearing from the others was the group of people beginning to assemble – mostly women with a few kids in tow. The silvery light made everyone glow as I squinted to distinguish features. Seeing the other parishioners, as I guess you’d call them, was far from my mind as they began to sing.

An unrecognizable melody filled the vast space around our moonlit gathering place. Voices  high and strong continued to weave a mesmerizing story as the people formed a tight circle. Though I couldn’t understand any of the words, I could understand the heart behind their songs. Each syllable was in praise of the Creator, the artist behind our surroundings. As voices grew stronger and the tune changed with each new offering of worship, there was a spontaneous movement toward the center of the circle. One person leaned in and leaned out, letting the music sway their body. Even with eyes closed, others let their bodies move along with the instigator and within seconds our gathering was an undulating mass.

These songs and this movement was to an unfamiliar rhythm, but I knew it was all in honor of the Father whose love has stretched far beyond any of the countries and traditions represented in the moonlit clearing.

Not from the night worship gathering, but this gives you an idea of the lovely voices I was talking about.

Five Minute Friday

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