When You Have A Bee In Your Bonnet

Sit Still - KG

When my mind gets set on something, there’s very little that can stop me from running full speed ahead towards the desired end. On some levels this enthusiasm (as I like to call it…) is a wonderful attribute. I can attack a to-do list like nobody’s business and I my goals get accomplished most of the time. However, my so called enthusiasm can turn into impatience all too quickly and that doesn’t serve me well.

My enthusiasm and impatience has led to some serious circumstance manipulation. I have a picture of what I’d like to happen and I will do anything within my power to see that picture realized in full color. God’s will is often forsaken or just plain forgotten when I get that bee in my bonnet about something – not a good practice for the life, fully submitted to God’s plan, that I actually want to lead.

On a recent rereading of Ruth, one little phrase jumped out and spoke directly to my tendency to trample God’s will in favor of my own desires. I’m over on Kindred Grace today, explaining this one little phrase. I hope you’ll pop over and let me know if you can relate!

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