Primitive Pleasures {May}

MayOne of the very best things about this May is having a mini family reunion this weekend to celebrate the marriage of my cousin. Since not everyone gets to enjoy such a fun gathering, here are some other good things trolled from the interwebs this month.


People who chronically multitask have lost the ability to focus on one thing – and they’re actually terrible at mutlitasking…. Interesting article on NPR (man I love public radio) about the myth of multitasking.

When -est should be -er and how that gives us the freedom to live simply.


I’m a book list junkie. Relevant Magazine has a great list of 10 books everyone should read by 25-ish. I think one of them might be our first book club book. Have you read any of them?

I love Heather’s idea to reinvent what classifies as classic literature for her 25 in 25 list.

Michael Hyatt’s podcast about how to read non-fiction was inspiring.


A New Kind of Sexy is honest and we need more of that when talking about marriage.

So we fought for it. We stumbled on redemption in the unlikely sexy acts of taking out the smelly-diaper trash, going to marriage counseling, and texting each other apologies for misspoken harsh words.

Beth of Red and Honey

And more honest reflection from Tyler Ward with 3 Things I Wish I Knew Before We Got Married.


I’ve been there – wanting someone to fully understand why I left my heart overseas…

Because I’m a sucker for articles about the twenty-something stage of life – here’s a good one by Anne Bogel.

Hysterical iMessage version of Chapter 5 in Jane Austen’s Persuasion. 

I LOVE McGriddles. Can’t wait to try these.

6 thoughts on “Primitive Pleasures {May}

  1. I loved the list of books from Relevant! I have to sheepishly admit to never having read Mere Christianity. I’ve read excerpts, and I own it! {But I guess it doesn’t count…} I would also like to “amen” their article on Marriage. I must sound like a broken record, but I often feel {and tell people!} that our society, even in Christian circles, has done a great disservice by leading people to think that marriage is about them, it someone exists for fulfilling their needs…it’s about holiness and about God’s picture of love on earth, and that’s only the beginning! I hope more and more continue to bring this to light…

    Awesome list, Emily, as always.

    1. Oh, Mere Christianity is a gem. However, I think The Great Divorce is my favorite of Mr. Clive Staples.

  2. Well, I’ve read 4 out of the 10 books Relevant mentioned, though I do think listing the Bible is a cop out. Isn’t it a given? Doesn’t it transcend the book category? Maybe I’m just being a crotchety book nerd. :) I did like the idea of choosing our own literary classics!

    Thanks for linking up with What I’m Into!

    1. I totally agree about the Bible. Which is why I didn’t include it on my list of life changing books – I feel it’s an utter given…

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