Worship at The Gathering

Chairs filled the room in a tight formation. The large room began to shrink as hundreds of people started taking their seats. Even though we sat on the aisle of a row near the front, I could feel my neighbors sit and settle in.

Spoken word proclaims the greatness of God. The room is dark as we see the enormity of God’s creation splashed on the screen above. We are insignificant, but God gives us value. We are fallen, but God redeems. We need and God gives.

There is a stirring as we pray – a current of hope and excitement makes its way around the room. God is here. At the leader’s invitation, we rise. Our jostling adds a melody to his strumming guitar. As drums and bass fill out the chorus, our voices swell as a collective act of praise to the One who paid it all.

Worship at The Gathering

There’s nothing like a large group worshipping together as the Church.  This past week, Tim and I attended The Gathering, a family ministry conference in Costa Mesa. One of the {many} highlights for me was the worship.

Standing in that room, eyes closed and arms high, I felt so near to Jesus – like we were the only ones in the room. He was there in my head and in my heart. The darkness felt like a refuge. The music was enveloping.

At the same time, I couldn’t help but feel the heat from those around me. Sleeves brushed sleeves, arms bumped arms as we worshipped our God as one. I was aware of the other souls crying out to Jesus just as much as I was solely focused on Him alone.


Beautiful because it gave form to the  individual and corporate aspects of life in the body of Christ. We get to have a personal relationship with our Savior {individual} as well as walk alongside other believers, serving God and others {corporate}.

I was worshipping. We were worshipping.

One God.



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