My New Obsession

My mom introduced me to Annie Sloan Chalk Paint last week and I’m completely hooked. I want to paint everything! I see Annie Sloan potential everywhere I look.  I’ve already identified five pieces of furniture in my living room that I want to Annie Sloan (yes, I use her name as a verb…).

I almost don’t want to tell you about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint because I know how easy it is to become consumed by the painting bug. But, it’s just too awesome not to share. Visit her website to learn all the details about this glorious paint. Then, YouTube Annie Sloan, Pinterest Annie Sloan, and prepare to be inspired.

Here’s one reason why I’m obsessed with this paint:

Annie Sloan

My mom and I transformed this old step stool in a few hours. We had to sand down some puffy paint, but you don’t generally have to prep the piece before painting. Two coats of Duck Egg, a little distressing (that’s optional), and some wax turned a battered step into a pretty piece of furniture. The process is really fun and each piece turns out unique. I love that we were able to do this all in a day.

Reasons why I love Annie Sloan Chalk Paint:

  • The gorgeous array of colors.
  • You can paint inside because it doesn’t smell!
  • Infinite possibilities for customization of colors, distressing, and wax.
  • Indoor and outdoor uses.
  • Without wax, you can use chalk (like a chalkboard) on the paint.
  • Before you wax the paint you could wash it all off with water.
  • No wood prep needed. Just start painting.

My mom graciously shared her paint with me, so I now have Duck Egg, Old White, and Coco to start painting everything within reach. My next task is to get TIm obsessed, too :)


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