Find Your Greatness

One of my sweet joys in life is listening to my husband talk about Jesus with students. I get to hear his passion for Christ and his care and concern for young people spill from his heart every week, especially on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Our youth group is going through Mark on Sunday mornings and last week we were talking about an oft shared story – Jesus feeding the 5,000. As Tim talked about how God is able to do mighty things with our meager offerings, I kept thinking of a certain Nike commercial.

My mind connects dots in a fairly creative pattern, so thinking of TV during a message isn’t out of the ordinary. There’s been some controversy about this particular commercial, but for whatever reason, it really resonates with me. At face value, the message is generically inspirational: anyone can achieve greatness no matter what obstacles need to be overcome – all you need to do is start (Just Do It!).

The commercial speaks of personal greatness, but I think of God’s greatness.

Somehow we’ve come to believe that greatness is a gift reserved for a chosen few, for prodigies, for superstars, and the rest of us can only stand by watching…

God invites us to partner with Him in ministry, to make His name great. We don’t need to be amazing orators, charismatic leaders, rich and influential, or monks to make an impact on Christ’s behalf.

Greatness is no more unique to us than breathing. We are all capable of it. All of us.

God’s greatness is displayed in the little things just as much as in miracles. Our daily lives can be a living sacrifice to Him if we choose to let God shine instead of ourselves. We are all equipped to share God’s greatness, one breath at a time.

Five loaves and two fish is far from great, but God can do great things when we are willing to offer what we have. ( <— Tweet this! )

The weight of our sin and smallness may make us cumbersome. Our burdens and brokenness may slow us down. I often limit God because I’m convinced I have nothing to offer. I don’t serve because I think I’ll fail. I don’t talk to that person because I think I won’t have the words. I don’t initiate because I fear rejection.

But, God uses the weary and imperfect; He only asks that we get off our feet and move for His glory – even if they are baby steps.

May we all be willing to be used for God’s greatness, one step at a time.


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