5 Essential Earrings Every Girl Should Own

earringsI didn’t get the nickname “Twiga” (twee-ga) for nothing.  Twiga means giraffe in Swahili.  I’m six-feet tall and I DO have a long neck.  But, that long neck has afforded me plenty of space to display my favorite jewelry – earrings.

Aside from my wedding ring, I don’t wear much jewelry, except earrings.  They are my accessory of choice and, as you can see from the display above, I have plenty to choose from.

My earring collection wasn’t built in a day.  I bought, I thrifted, and people gifted until I exceeded the amazing wooden display my step-dad made. After years of collecting, wearing, and even giving away some of those earrings, I noticed a few of these ear adornments were getting extra wear.

These were the earrings I could accidentally fall asleep wearing and have them match my outfit the next day.  These were the earrings I would consistently pack for vacation.  These were the earrings I would search the sidewalk like a crazy person for if I lost one.

Even if you’re not an earring fanatic, like moi, these are the 5 essential earrings every girl should own (assuming that you like and wear earrings, of course…) and a few fun extras.

5 Essential Earrings Every Girl Should Own

Studs1. Studs: Classic. Simple. Chic. They can be anything from diamonds, a birthstone, or pearls.  My current favorites are opals (above), plain silver spheres, and tiny pyramids of aurora borealis.

hoops2. Hoops: No matter the size or color, hoops are a polished way to accessorize any outfit. I love how there are enough shapes to fit anyone’s personality.  Big hoops are bold and statement-making.  Small hoops are delicate and demure.  I wore out a pair of average sized (1 1/2″) silver hoops and opted for chrome colored tear-drop hoops (above).

neutrals3. Neutrals: You really only need one neutral pair, but I like having one in a warm tone and one in a cool tone.  Warm tones like wood, gold, pearl, or brown and cooler tones like silver or black go with everything.  When the colors are neutral you can concentrate on getting silhouette that reflect your personal style.

color4. Color: Take a gander at your closet.  What color do you see the most?  (For me, that’s blue or black). Get a pair of earrings that are predominantly that color.  Choose whatever style you like best.  Bonus points: Look at a color wheel and find a pair in a complimentary color (opposite side of the wheel).  I enjoy the bright pop of coral or soft orange when I’m wearing blue…

fancy5. Fancy: Even if you don’t dress up a ton, every girl should have a pair of fancy earrings.  I tend to go for the dangly variety, but simple is beautiful too.  Choose diamonds or pearls, something that speaks of opulence (even if it’s fake!).

extrasIf you’re getting enthusiastic about earrings and want to expand your collection, start with long earrings and seasonal earrings.

Unless you’re a Twiga, too, your long will be different than my long, but I can’t get enough of the thin, dangly variety.

Seasonal can be cheesy, but it is possible to find lovely reminders of Christmas or Valentines for your ears.  Try a holiday word (like Joy above) or a simple heart/snowflake/four leaf clover.

travelI travel quite a bit and instead of buying souvenirs of the tchotchke variety, I’ve taken to picking up some earrings when I visit someplace new.  I remember climbing all the stairs to the top of the Eiffel Tower, working alongside the Samburu in Kenya, and learning how to mix concrete in Serbia just by wearing a certain pair of earrings.

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5 thoughts on “5 Essential Earrings Every Girl Should Own

  1. I love earrings too, Emily. And this article is beautifully written! AND, I love love love the “E” earring tree… : )

  2. I like how you broke down the different types of earrings. I recently got my ears pierced, and I’ve been looking for a simple, clear guide on buying more pairs.

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