Again {Five Minute Friday}

Against my best efforts, my failure is a perpetual reality.  And not failure in a horrid sense, but failure in a less than perfect, with faults sense.  When I’m thinking sensibly, failure isn’t the end of the world.

However, sometimes I feel like particular failures are with me over and over again. I try to legitimize these repeated offenses by likening them to Paul’s thorn in the flesh. Maybe my critical self-talk or striving for who knows what is just my constant companion, given to me by God to endure. But then I hear the soft strains of a violin playing its sorrowful song of pity.

I make myself out to be the victim of my own choices. Again and again I choose vanity over humility, I choose ill-humor over joy, I choose myself over God.

God doesn’t see a thorn or a martyr.  He sees a broken vesel, a jar of clay who He chooses to pour living water into again and again.

His love never fails.  The repetition of my mistakes does not hinder His grace, a grace that He shares so abundantly.

Five Minute Friday

10 thoughts on “Again {Five Minute Friday}

    1. I like how you put that, Kimberly. It is hard to give up on perfect. I just love that giving up doesn’t mean another failure; giving up means we are free to pursue God whole heartedly!

  1. What a lovely response. I too have my “again and agains,” my thorns in the flesh, but I am so grateful that God has His “again and agains” called forgiveness.

  2. Very inspiring! I love how this phrase, “He sees a broken vessel, a jar of clay who He chooses to pour living water into again and again.” So true. Click here to check out my 5 Minute Friday

  3. Self pity is such a difficult thing to not slip in to, at least for me. If only I could ONLY ever hear God’s voice telling me truth instead of the lies I sometimes tell myself, through pitying my circumstances. Wonderful post! Thank you for sharing.

    Gayle | Grace for Gayle

    1. It is for me too, Gayle. Self pity does a good job of masking its identity in other, more acceptable feelings. May we both have open ears and hearts to God’s voice and truth.

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