Cherished {Five Minute Friday}


I’m writing a guest post for Pure & Simple (check these ladies out – I love the heart and vision behind their blog and the design is beautiful) and the theme is Cherish.  My mind has been full of this word for the past week, so it was fun that Lisa-Jo picked cherished as this week’s word for Five Minute Friday.

For fear of using all the content from my guest post, I’m going to avoid talking about my husband or marriage or love in these five (now three) minutes.

Cherish is a beautiful sentiment.  I appreciate the nuances of value and treasure embedded in the meaning.  To cherish is to hold tightly, to remember, to keep something close.

The things you cherish are special; they have meaning.  I recently went through my stuffed animals on a trip home and more than the bunny (because they were all bunnies) itself, I cherish each one because fond memories are attached to the object.

The people you cherish are dear and beloved.  You treasure moments of laughter, of tears, of living life with that person. Whether they are near or far, you cherish those memories because you value time spent with them.

I recently read Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts.  The challenge to count joys has been a fruitful exercise for me.  So also, I think, would counting cherished moments, cherished people, and cherished things in my life.  I would not be able to deny the many blessing God has given and continues to give.

Five Minute Friday

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