Getting It Together {a review}

Among many other things I loved about Tsh Oxenreider’s book, Organized Simplicity, I was drawn to the home management notebook idea.  I’m kind of OCD about organizing anyways, and the thought of having a binder full of important documents, schedules, and spreadsheets for just about everything was thrilling to my love of structure.

I never acted on Tsh’s good idea.  Meals seemed to get planned and the house was kept clean.  Bills were paid and, thanks to Facebook, I remembered 89% of people’s birthdays. As Tim and I adjusted to our new environs and the holidays arrived, we began to eat more meals out of a blue box than I’d like to admit.  I couldn’t remember if I paid the student loan bill and our bathrooms suffered the consequences of utter neglect.

Then, I got wind of Kayse Pratt’s new e-book, Getting It Together.  Yes, that sounds about right!

Getting It Together

A home management system that can be explained in under 50 pages?  Sign me up. Stir in the fact that Kayse kept me smiling with her honest reflections about her own home management attempts and I knew this was an attainable approach to home organization.

Plus, Kayse somehow knew that I’d be more likely to use a binder if it was pretty.  She provides simple instructions and ideas to make your binder visually appealing on top of having 30 cute printables!

kayse pratt

Some of the printables weren’t applicable since I don’t have kids, however, I made copies of five in particular:

  • Financial Goals
  • Auto Maintenance Log
  • Monthly Meal Planning
  • Perpetual Calendars
  • My Shopping List

Tim could attest that grocery shopping does nothing to enhance my mood.  My stress level escalates the longer I wander around trying to find everything on my list. I end up leaving unhappy and huffy, never wanting to set foot in a produce section ever again.

I’ve always thought grouping items by location would be the answer to my problems (in addition to avoiding Fred Meyer on a Saturday afternoon), but I didn’t want to bother with the initial break down of grocery store departments.

Kayse did it for me!  With tons of food to purchase before Christmas, the shopping list printable was such a time saver.  I wasn’t pushing my cart back and forth across the store or buying things I didn’t need.  One loop around the store and I was in the check-out line.

Thanks to Getting It Together, there is hope for a home management binder becoming a reality.

Hop on over to Kayse’s blog to grab a copy and we can get it together, together!

Here’s even more ways to to get Getting It Together:

  • Subscribe to Kayse’s newsletter.
  • Purchase as a PDF for just $3.99!
  • Purchase for Kindle on Amazon.

A Twitter party {#gettingittogether} is happening on Thursday, January 3rd at 7pm. Connect with others trying to get it together and discuss New Year’s resolutions, home management tips and tricks, and the ups and downs of keeping our homes running smoothly!

Kayse is also giving away one set of custom printables!

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