His Love Is Wide

At first I’m suspicious.  Wide isn’t the good path.  Our path should be narrow, tough, intentionally walked with care.

But, God’s love is wide.  His arms encompass us with a breadth we can’t comprehend or imagine.

It’s like He purposely juxtaposed the slimness of our journey – the narrow way we must traverse – with just how wide his love, grace, and mercy stretches around us.

He deals with our sin in the same way.  As far as the East is from the West…

Our Savior made a “narrow” choice to die on the cross for us in order to fling our transgressions away from us with such strength that they will never be seen again.

His love is wide.

His love is deep.

It covers us.


*This post was part of Five Minute Friday over at Tales From A Gypsy Mama.

12 thoughts on “His Love Is Wide

    1. Thank you for stopping by!
      Funny how five minutes of writing can illuminate something you hadn’t thought about before. I hadn’t really put those two together until this morning :)

  1. I really enjoy the first few opening lines of this. I like how you have used the word “wide” for today’s FMF. And the picture is beautiful. Like!!!

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