What Dogs Taught Me About Love Languages

I learned many things house/dog sitting for my siblings-in-law last month. Among these epiphanies were:

I love Crispix.

I don’t do well with dog vomit. (PS – I have the BEST husband!)

Green carpet, small TV, and a lumpy bed, but there’s still nothing like my own house.

Dogs and I express affection in drastically different ways.

Hana and Maile

That last nugget of truth got me thinking about love languages. I’m sharing my conclusions about dogs and love languages over on Kindred Grace today!

You can read the post here.

Some other thoughts on love languages:

Photo Credit: Hepburn Creative (Hana and Maile, the sources of my epiphany)

Kindred Grace & Rubrics

Part of building community is finding like-minded people to surround you, keep you accountable, and support you.  Part of building an online community is producing edifying content and providing a place to fellowship and connect with those like-minded people.

It’s a huge treat when both happen at once.  Writing for Kindred Grace (formerly Young Ladies Christian Fellowship) has forged community in person and online.  Gretchen and the Kindred Grace team has worked for years to create a “haven for hearts”, as you will, for women of all seasons.

I’m new to their team but have been immensely encouraged by the vision of Kindred Grace and each team member’s desire to honor God with their words. We hope you find words of grace, of joy, of honesty, and of hope in the pages of our online community.

Today on Kindred Grace, I’m talking about my misguided quest for perfection.

God's Rubric1

Rubric of Grace

Sometimes goals and plans for the upcoming year become an agent for self-condemnation. Instead of my resolutions being a loose guide for the year ahead, those intentions become requirements the minute I write them down.

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