Here {Five Minute Friday}


Tim and I celebrated another monthiversary yesterday! Eleven months. I’m not quite sure how that’s possible…

I asked him what he thought was the most surprising thing about the past eleven months. Being here, he said. I agree.

I would never have guessed we would be here in Idaho, starting a new life together. Our here has been challenging. I hated here sometimes and other times I couldn’t imagine being anywhere but here.

Despite my fears and struggle with being content {sometimes}, I’m beginning to really see God’s promise for purpose in bringing us here. My vision isn’t specific, though I wish He drew out a detailed map for the next few years; but God is settling my soul with peace.

Here is very different from there {SoCal}, but God is with me wherever I go. I’m really starting to feel that truth.

He is with me whether I’m here, there, or anywhere.

And since He is here, I want to be here also – fully present and willing to take on the here and now with Him.

If I take the wings of the dawn, If I dwell in the remotest part of the sea, even there Thy hand will lead me, and Thy right hand will lay hold of me.

Psalm 139:9 & 10



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