Pure & Simple: Cherish

Sometimes you find a blog that feels just right.  It’s a joyful, uplifting, and beautiful. A couple months ago, I found a Pure & Simple and it’s that kind of blog. I was immediately taken with the soft, simple design that seems to echo the heart of the blog’s content.

Amanda, Becca, Natalie, and Meg are passionate about being who they are and embracing what they love to do. They are willing to take risks and accept grace.

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Every month, these ladies pick a different topic and ask other women to reflect and share. I was so excited when Natalie asked if I would write about February’s topic: Cherish. All month, posts are focusing on how we can cherish the relationships in our lives.

Today, I’m over on Pure & Simple sharing tangible ways I cherish my husband. Pop on over to read the post and peruse this gem of a blog!